Royal Melbourne Show

Come September and you will see everyone walking hand in glove (literally) and sipping their pumpkin spice lattes but if you’re like us (don’t get us wrong, we love our lattes) you are most likely just counting down the days to one of the most awaited events in Australia, yes, The Royal Melbourne Show.

The Royal Melbourne Show was started in 1848 by the Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria. It is held annually; it starts from mid-September and goes on till early October. This year, it is being held from the 21st of September to the 1st of October. With tons and tons of attractions, there is no doubt that around half a million people are attracted to the Royal Melbourne Showgrounds (in the Ascot Vale suburb of Victoria, AUS), where it is held. Plus this year, they have changed things up and made the entire show even better (if that is even possible as it is already so good).

The modus operandi of the show is to put on display the rural industry and also organize competitions related to it. And by that we mean competitions such as the Alpaca Youth Parader’s Competition where participants lead alpacas through an obstacle course (yes). They have lots of animals; dogs, sheep, horses, goats etc. on the Showgrounds and yes, you can pet them. Or feed them.

(or run them through an obstacle course)

Animals are obviously one of the favourites of the event but there’s way more. Australia’s tradition has this concept of ‘showbags’; which are bags containing official merchandise of different enterprises such music, movies, sports, toys etc. With hundreds of showbags available at the venue, they are a major crowd-puller. Major, but not the only one. The RMS has a lot of said crowd-pullers. The rides are an iconic part of the event. With more than 60 rides for people of all ages, you are in for the ride of your life. Other than rides they have got a great deal of attractions. Live music, art & craft, magic shows, motocross stunt shows…the list is incalculable!

The Royal Melbourne Show stays true to its name. Royal. With so much of exuberance in the air, the Melbourne Showgrounds totally come to life during this time. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Believe us, it totally is and you, dear reader, can join in the fun too. Simply log on to, book your tickets to The Royal Melbourne Show 2019 and have your #BigTicketExperience!