Things to do in Kingston on your #BIGTICKET

Aside from hosting #TheBiggestPartyInSport this summer, Kingston, Jamaica has got a lot to offer. If you get one of our package deals with Courtleigh Hotels or Knutsford Court Hotels, you can get travel and accommodation within Kingston as well as your match ticket for discounted rates! And while you’re there, take a look at some of the attractions and activities you can do on your #BIGTICKET, hand-picked by the Kyazoonga staff below.

Devon House

Visit the home of the first black millionaire in the Caribbean, George Stiebel, and roam the parks, restaurants, and shops in an experience that will appeal to fresh tourists and seasoned Jamaicans alike.

Gerrit / Via Trekearth
Gerrit / Via Trekearth

Most promising review: “A wonderful place to visit, where you can spend next to nothing, or a lot of money! You can choose to tour the perfectly preserved 19th century house- not too expensive and not too long. A good intro to the history of the time. Then there are the grounds, with a couple of good restaurants, an ice cream shop (ambrosia) and various shops with a variety of local craft items, books etc.” — evie v

Chocolate Dreams Ltd.

While you’re at the Devon House, head to this chocolate-lovers’ paradise for some of the most sumptious hand-made treats you’ve ever had.

Via Chocolate Dreams
Via Chocolate Dreams Ltd.

Most promising review: “Truffles that melt in your mouth, my favourite ‘Appleton white chocolate’, they got me at Appleton! The brownie topped with caramel and pecans was ‘on point’. The red velvet cake looked divine. You have lots of ‘sweet choices’ with a very friendly and attentive staff.” — xlcr73

Emancipation Park

Located in central Kingston, this park is a nice place to unwind and relax before the big game.

Via Modern Media Services Jamaica
Via Modern Media Services Jamaica

Most promising review: “This park is a wonderful place to go for a walk or a jog. The statue at the entrance is gorgeous! the water features in the park are refreshing (you can’t walk or swim in them) and the path ways are wide and level. The gardens are very well maintained and really relaxing. Very safe place, especially during the day for a single woman to stroll or jog. worth a visit!” — kymm95

Bob Marley Museum

If you’ve got an hour to spare, take a tour and learn about a musical legend at this museum, but maybe don’t count on having a complete meal at their café.

Via Lonely Planet
Via Lonely Planet

Most promising review: “Loved the tour. I grew up in Jamaica but still learned a few things. Our tour guide “Sue or the crazy one” was really knowledgable, funny and was high on life or something else. She made it really fun!! I wish if they served more food at the cafe” — Nat B

National Gallery

This is a must see for Edna Manley fans! The museum showcases a wonderful collection of Jamaican art consisting of pieces dating back to the 1920s as well as productions from today’s emerging local artists.

National Gallery of Jamaica - Kingston - Tourism Media / Via Expedia
National Gallery of Jamaica – Kingston – Tourism Media / Via Expedia

Most promising review: “Each time I go to the National Gallery I am transported to a world of pure bliss! I get lost in the beautiful art throughout the ages. From the pulsating and controversial sculptures of Kapo, to the fantasy of Colin Garland, and Edna Manley’s strong and erotic pieces, to name only a few. Then there is the very tasteful gift shop where one can relax and nibble on freshly baked muffins and strongly brewed blue mountain coffee. My artist daughter and I had the greatest girls morning out ever. Yes for sure we will be going back” — Annette W

National Dance Theatre

An internationally acclaimed company that seamlessly incorporates modern dance elements into Caribbean traditions, this is one troop you can’t afford to miss while in Kingston.

Winston Sill / Via The Gleaner
Winston Sill / Via The Gleaner

Most promising review: “The National Dance Theatre Company of Jamaica is among the best of the best. The choreography and technical skill of the dancers are amazing. The music that accompanies each piece is just as good and made me want to jump out of my seat (especially the live drumming). NDTC performances are not just about dance, they also encompass various elements of Jamaican culture including its African roots. If you are in Kingston during the NDTC season, definitely make it a point to attend one of their performances. You won’t regret it.” — xxSHA-SHAxx

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