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Venue: Amphitheater, Indian Habitat Centre, New Delhi

Dates: Fri, Feb 05, 2016, 19:30 – Sun, Feb 14, 2016, 19:30

The Ishara International Puppet Theatre Festival has reached a new milestone as it celebrates its 14th anniversary in 2016! Attracting thousands of visitors each year, it is the most popular festival of puppetry in India, bringing puppeteers, artists and performers from all corners of the world together to celebrate storytelling through the puppetry arts.

From modern and traditional forms of puppetry, ranging from rod to string puppets; to mixed performances with dance, theatre, music and more; audiences of all ages have been entertained with a variety of colourful, thrilling and spellbinding shows.

Produced by Teamwork Productions, alongside the best India has to offer, over a 100+ international puppetry companies have already performed at the festival.

At this annual event, countries that have participated include the UK, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Turkey, Brazil, Sweden, Norway, Israel, Iran, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Taiwan, Japan, Afghanistan, Ireland, Australia, Switzerland & USA.

An ideal choice for such a gathering of talent on the planet, India is a world-renowned centre for puppeteers, artists and performers – and boasts a historic association with puppetry and the arts which stretches back to the 2nd century B.C.

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  1. Variety

DATE: 05th Feb 2016

Country: Sweden


Regarded as Europe’s finest specialist in Bunraku, master puppeteer Thomas Lundqvist brings to Indian shores for the first time the most popular puppet variety show in Sweden. This celebration of the imagination is a series of comic stories and vignettes filled with stunning puppets, fanciful scenery and plenty of foot tapping music. From the world’s first fire breathing puppet to dancing skeletons, it’s one of the funniest vaudeville acts ever conceived for the small stage. Expect riotous malarkey and fits of laughter all the way through.

  1. Puppet Got Talent

DATE: 06th Feb 2016

Country: Egypt

SHOW TIME: 07 & 8:30 PM

VENUE: Amphitheater

Straight from the land of the Pyramids, it’s the spectacular puppet talent showthat’s got everybody talking. Get ready to meet a belly dancing diva named Cleopatra, a zany clown, a kooky musician and a handsome prince on his horse looking for lots of adventure; it’s a unique celebration of the folk tales of Egypt through a wide variety of highly entertaining acts. This musical show also features a spectacular Sufi dance performance on stage incorporating puppets as you’ve never seen before.

  1. Bravo bravissimo

DATE: 07th Feb 2016

Country: Italy


Inspired by some of the most famous children’s fairy tales and well loved classical Italian Operas, get ready to be amazed as the puppets and dolls sing, dance and curtsy—just the way real singers would. As the music director tries to get the mischievous performers to follow his lead, watch in glee as they drive the poor fellow crazy. Time travel back to the past and meet a sweeping repertoire of well loved and enchanting characters from the Teatro Verde who transport you into a magical world of captivating music.

  1. Behind my House

DATE: 11th Feb 2016

Country: Switzerland


This funny and educative glove puppet show teaches children a powerful message about the gift of nature and how to appreciate the greenery around them. As the beautiful gardens filled with flowers disappear and the ugly city grows thanks to the wicked Governor of the Grey City, our hero Boniface tries to stop the workmen with hilarious results. Madam Paulette then prepares her secret weapon, a mug of hot chocolate. Will she be able to stop them in time from destroying everything?

  1. Little Red Riding Hood

DATE: 09th Feb 2016

Country: USA


Meet a host of colourful characters that all children know and love – fromLittle Red Riding Hood, Little Bunny Foo Foo, Little Miss Muffet, Old McDonald, Barnaby the Dog and even Mary Had a Little Lamb.When the big bad Wolf reveals it’s really him disguised in her Grand mamma’s clothes, instead of running away, our spunky heroine Little Red uses her self-defence moves to teach him a lesson he’ll never forget!Be prepared to howl with laughter as its poor Mr. Wolf who needs protection this time.

  1. Water and Others

DATE: 08th Feb 2016

Country: Iran


This magical, fun-filled adventure is bursting with catchy music, lots of quirky characters and plenty of bite! Mr. Foot is looking a drop of water for his precious flowerpot, but there’s none to be found due to a drought. Everybody’s fighting over a water bottle, but little do they know it’s really empty. Just as Mr. Foot is desperate for water to save his flowers, a miracle happens. Children & adults alike will learn the value of water and the need to conserve this life giving source.

  1. Dinosaur

DATE:10th Feb 2016

Country: India


Dinosaur is a non verbal show and uses puppets that are human size or bigger. These puppets are extensions of the puppeteers bodies.

The story is about a T Rex egg that gets separated from the next. The baby dinosaur that hatches does not know he is a T Rex. He starts to desperately look for his mother. Instead he lands up in the midst of a hungry Raptor pack. The oldest raptor and he become friends but the other raptors still want to eat him up. Time and again the old raptor saves him but then there is a huge volcanic eruption. Will the old raptor be able to save the little T Rex baby again?

  1. Petrushka

DATE: 13th Feb 2016

Country: RUSSIA

SHOW TIME: 07 & 8:30 PM

In the slapstick tradition of Punch & Judy, Russia’s most famous and oldest puppet tale is brought back to life in this rib-tickling performance! Get ready to be transported to the colourful and cheerful atmosphere of the traditional Russian fair, where our hero Petrushka is being naughty and rude to everyone around him with his loud and ridiculous voice. Will the rascally puppet stop behaving badly, learn some manners and find his missing sweetheart at the fair? It’s a musical and visual delight for all.

  1. Hans In Luck

DATE: 12th Feb 2016



Based on the well known German children’s folk tale – after seven years of working hard, young Hans is visiting his mum, but on every step of his journey bad luck befalls him. Hans earned a big lump of gold from his master, but he keeps trading it for one thing for another, each time foolishly believing he has made a fantastic and clever deal. As Hans seems to lose everything he has along the way, will he ever be lucky and reach his home and mum safely?

  1. Images of truth

DATE: 14th Feb 2016

Country: India


VENUE: Amphitheater

Ishara’s groundbreaking and inspiring masterpiece returns to the Indian stage after almost a decade. Choreographed to music from across the world, it’s a mesmerising, non verbal, musical adaption on one of mankind’s most iconic figures – Mahatma Gandhi. Gain insight on his early life to his spiritual discovery of the universal message of Satyagraha & nonviolent protest. Images of history and contemporary India mesh together as Pudumjee & Ishara’s performers create powerful, moving images with which both the young and old alike can relate.

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"Derrière chez moi", Le Guignol à Roulettes, Fribourg, Le Nouveau Monde, 14.3.2014. Texte et mise en scène: DORA CANTERO, Marionnettes, jeu  : PIERRE-ALAIN ROLLE, Jeu :  PAOLA BUSCA, Musique : MINA LEDERGERBER, SALIFA DIARRA. Décors :  MINA LEDERGERBER, JEAN-MARIE MATHEY, EMILIE BOURDILLOUD, Costumes : PAULETTE SAN MARTIN, �clairage : PATRICK CUNHA. photos © Romano P. Riedo |
Little Red Riding Hood

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