7 kinds of people you spot in Amusement Parks!

Amusement parks are la-la lands. Colorful clowns, freaky rides, candy bars, scary toys and so much more. One can almost get lost in the myriad of awesome activities that just compel you to unleash the 5 year old kid in you and run around like you just saw a unicorn.

You might not be lucky enough to spot a unicorn in an amusement park but you will definitely (and in some cases unfortunately) spot these seven kinds of people in an amusement park.

Daredevils: They are the ones who are on a death mission. They will locate the scariest rides and will challenge the weeny wuss to ride it with them. The adrenaline rushes through their veins like sea waves in a tsunami. This often leads to the scaredy-cats on the rides being even more scared. Which brings us to…


Scaredy-cats: These are the anti-daredevils. They don’t even like walking past a fast ride. They enjoy magic shows, mystery rooms, street artists the best. If you force them to get on a ride, they’ll cut you!

Strollers: You might spot this kind walking by randomly in circles. They might even feature randomly in your group photos and will leave you thinking, I am sure this guy wasn’t with me. They enjoy giving people the impression that they got out of their house to take an evening walk and somehow reached this amazing wonderland.

Screamers: Squeaks, swears, howls, prayers anything could be coming out from their blessed throats which are sure to be super sore by the time they reach home from the trip. The moment they get on the ride till the moment the usher helps them out of it, they are ones who have the most fun.

Water Park Scream
Water Park Scream

Line cutters: They are like the mafia of an amusement park. They won’t get an express upgrade for themselves and would pretend to be a part of your group to get to their favourite rides quicker. Beware of these restless creature on your next trip.

Mommies: No-no we aren’t talking about the respected mothers here. We are talking about the self-proclaimed mommies who are yelling do’s and don’t’s even when they are on the awesome rides. You know they are taking care of you, but you also kind of want to stuff their mouth with a soft toy. After all, what are friends for.

Cry-babies: They are quite a common kind but they often exist in stealth mode and thus are difficult to spot. They will be absolutely fine till the moment they are on a ride, but the moment they step out of it they will start complaining really loud about how that ride was the scariest thing that ever happened to them. They will tell it to you, your friends, your family, strangers and yes, you again!

Whichever company you find, make sure that you take a trip to any of the amusement parks near you this summer and enjoy the weather like its meant to be enjoyed.

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