5 reasons why you should go trekking ASAP!

1. It’s the perfect getaway: Routine life becomes monotonous and boring sometimes. We need to spice it up every now and then by finding the perfect way to escape! Trekking is one of the best ideas to refresh yourself. You just need to cut off from the world sometimes.

2. Fitness solution: Extensive treks never fail in testing your stamina. Furthermore, they help in building it up. It serves as a really good exercise. Interestingly, sweat has many health benefits!

3. Reconnect with nature: Our cities are gradually turning into cement jungles! And you are exposed to so much pollution! It’s hard to get the feel of nature. Move away from the city and experience the wonders of nature’s therapy. It’s enough to charge you up!

4. Budget vacation:  No 5 star hotel bookings, no fancy clothes needed, travel expenses are minimum, basic luggage to be taken. It’s the perfect cost-effective vacation where the expenses are minimal and the experience is priceless!

5. Short and sweet: Most of the vacations we take go up to one or two weeks, and if it’s out of India then a month! If you need a quick and fun vacation, you could always go on a trek. A trek never has a specific duration. A 3 day trek is as refreshing as a weeklong vacation elsewhere!

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