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Venue: Kolkata – Eden Gardens
Date: 20thOctober, 2014

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Pink City Beckons Literature Dilettantes – Jaipur Literature Festival

From the days of Shakespearian glory to the days of Harry Potter rise as the new hero, literature has never failed to fascinate. They say that understanding literature is as much as an art than creating it and if you are lover of the words, there is no restriction to your imagination. Imagination is fueled by literature and it is just not the sheer entertainment value that literature gives you but it is also the food for the soul. If you are one of those people who love being lost in their reveries picturing something native only to their own imagination, there is no reason for you to not dwell deep into the world of literature.

Jaipur Literature Festival Tickets
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Literature exists in various forms and takes various shapes when molded by artists. Right from poetic verses of Wordsworth to H.G. Well’s short stories, literature has never failed to capture the essence of the little things of life that are a source of many a sentiment for humanity. To read and to write are both forms of art that come naturally to some while others have to develop a knack for it with practice.

If you’re in love with literature and everything that’s in it, you already have artistic abilities of your own. Investing in your abilities to polish them is something that happens over time if you put in the right efforts. If you aspire to be a writer someday, the language is perhaps your first love and in order to grow this love to survive eternity and beyond, you ought to constantly be a part of this beautiful community of artists and be active.

One such ambrosial affair is all set to happen in the pink city in January 2015. The Jaipur Literature Fest is an opportunity for literature dilettantes to sip from a soulful cup of knowledge and meet some of their heroes. The festival allows members to attend the festival as delegates. The delegate fee for early birds (ones who register before November 2014) is as low as Rs. 3,000 per day. You can easily save a thousand rupees (on spot registration fee – Rs. 4,000) if you get your registration done on before November 2014.