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Venue: Aaram Baagh, Village: Motisar, Tehsil: Ganhera, Pushkar, Dist: Ajmer, Rajasthan

Dates:  Starts from 9th November, 2013

Travellers seeking genuine insights into the rich heritage of India can now sign up for the Explore Pushkar Package. This tour will bring Pushkar’s extraordinary culture alive in ways you never imagined. Pushkar is a fascinating place with the unique cattle fair and the only temple in India devoted to Lord Brahma and the Explore Pushkar Package includes a sumptuous breakfast, lunch & dinner in the dining hall along with several dance shows, including Chari Dance, Kalbeliya Dance & Kacchi Khodi Dance.

So get out and explore India’s unique culture with the Explore Pushkar Package. Book your package today on KyaZoonga!

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