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Bengaluru  Concerts – Dates ­– Venues:

Evergreen Bollywood – 12th September 2013 – Chowdiah Memorial Hall, Malleswaram

Kishore & Pancham Moods – 13th September 2013 – Indiranagar Sangeet Sabha, Indiranagar

Bollywood Forever – 14th September 2013 – Aloft Hotel, Whitefield.

Kishore Kumar and Panchamda have for years regaled audiences with their timeless songs. Their voices have echoed through the ages, ringing in our ears and filling our lives with the melodious sounds of their music long after they are gone. Kinjal will be performing in 3 back to back concerts with Jolly Mukherjee (whose voice is a dead ringer for RD Burman), Samanvitha (classically trained singing prodigy) and Kishore Sodha (famed Trumpet player) in addition to 7 musicians from Kolkata. Come relive the immortal songs of this legendary musical duo in the Purani Jeans Aur Guitar Concert Series.  Buy tickets on KyaZoonga! Contact KyaZoonga: +91-22-2637-6600

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