Celebrating Terrence Malick’s cinema

Terrence Malick’s unique approach to cinema has led to extraordinary films that are both beautifully impressionistic and hauntingly profound. A Rhodes scholar and teacher at MIT, Malick’s visual and narrative style is consistent throughout his work with an enigmatic approach to narrative and character, an unusual use of voice-over, juxtaposition of human violence with natural beauty and the poetic investigation of American dreams and nightmares. He is a powerful storyteller whose films are not to be missed.

Enlighten Film Society is a non-profit NGO that has 10,000 members across the country and was recently certified as India’s largest film society. They regularly organize film festivals occasionally focusing on a particular country in a bid to increase the understanding about different cultures.

Please note: Festival catalogue fees are Rs.500 and membership fees are Rs 2000 per annum.

There will be 3 shows on 30th June. The Tree of Life will be aired 12pm onwards, Badlands will be aired 2:30pm onwards and To The Wonder will be aired 4:30pm onwards

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