Buy tickets online for Xtreme Invasion – Bangaluru & Mumbai

Venue: Maleshwaram Grounds, Bangaluru
Date: 25th May 2013 – Saturday
Time: 17:00 Mumbai
Venue: Goregaon Sports Complex, Mumbai
Date: 1st June,2013 – Saturday
Time: 17:00

Come witness a showcase of 3 Extreme sports:  Skateboarding, Inline Skates & BMX and get ready to enjoy an adrenaline rush that is absolutely unrivalled.With a DJ laying down the beats and keeping the thrills coming, there will also be plenty of stalls setup keeping your entertainment in mind. So come on down to Xtreme Invasion and get ready to have a blast!Get your tickets for Xtreme Invasion today! Buy your tickets online for Xtreme Invasion on KyaZoonga!

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