Parween Sultana is in the house!

Words cannot suffice to express the beauty of Parween Sultana’s art form. Virtuoso Padmashree Begum Parween Sultana is a doyen of the Patiala Gharana and counted amongst the foremost classical vocalists in India. She has some of the most prestigious awards to her credit such as the Taansen Award, Sangeet Natak Academy Award, Sangeet Samragni Award (Assam Govt.) to name a few. The most remarkable aspect of her singing is that she handles the most complicated and simple ragas with equal ease, highlighting the essence of the raga. She is equally at ease in khayals, thumris and bhajans.

She continues to achieve more in classical music through her gifted talent and has recorded for HMV, Polydor, Music India, Bharat Records, Auvidis, Magnasound, Sonodisc, Amigo to name a few. Get your tickets to watch Parween Sultana Live in Concert on!

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