Making the Saawan oh-so-Shubh(a)

You probably remember her best for her powerful performance in singing ‘Ab ke Saawan’, so what better time to catch her than during the monsoons?

Shubha Mudgal started performing as a classical singer in the 80s and gained reputation as a talented singer. In the 90`s, she started experimenting with other forms of music, including pop and fusion varieties. In Shubha`s words, “I believe in music. `Khayal` and `Thumari `are my favourites, but that doesn`t mean I shouldn`t experiment with other forms. Why should I curtail my musical urges?“ In addition to her recordings and concerts, she also briefly ran a website called aimed at lovers of traditional Indian music. Don’t miss the chance to catch this famous singer live-in-concert. Book your tickets to watch Shubha Mudgal right now on

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