Lead the line in style!

If you want to take your business to the next level, “Winning Leadership Strategies” is for you. Whether your organization’s goal is to build strong leadership skills, create self-empowered individuals, increase initiative in problem solving, or teach employees how to collaborate and communicate more effectively, this workshop will address your needs and create lasting change.

Winning Leadership Strategies is an intimate, leader-to-leader learning experience that’s designed for a select group of high-level leaders like you. The program gathers two of the world’s most celebrated leadership thought leaders, Robin Sharma and Verne Harnish, for the first time in one program.

We have specially selected a unique faculty of two iconic leadership thought leaders who have worked with most successful businesses on the planet. Both Robin and Verne will offer their personal insights on effectively confronting four key leadership challenges. Make the most of a unique environment in which you will learn how to tackle the most critical challenges facing senior business leaders today. Be there and learn from the best!

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