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You may not realise it yet, but you’ve just found your ticket to financial freedom.

We’re talking about the kind of freedom where you’re truly in control of your finances, both free to enjoy your money and free from worrying about it. It’s about being money-confident: knowing how money works and getting yours to work for you.

Learn how to beat inflation and create wealth for yourself and your family through smart investments in stocks, bonds and gold. If you are an intelligent, upper middle class professional with big dreams and little or no knowledge of how investing works, you can learn how to grow your wealth!

The workshop promotes a data-driven, scientific approach to financial planning and investment management. After attending the workshop, you can expect to have a good grasp on how various investments work, how you should go about picking your Investments, what to look for while investing in stocks & mutual funds and how you can secure your financial future through careful planning and tax optimization. Manage your finances better with this workshop’s guidance!

University level T-20 tees off!

While university cricket drew huge crowds in the 1960s and 70s, it has seen a gradual fall in interest over the last two decades. NDTV, in partnership with the Human Resource Development ministry, seeks to bring back the cheers, the talent and the adrenaline of cricket at this level and KyaZoonga is the official Ticketing and Accreditation partner of this revolutionary event!

The Toyota University Cricket Championship features Eight teams from four zones that will play in a T20 format for the title of being the best university in cricket. The aim is also to find future champions of the sport and nurture their talent. With Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan as the enthusiastic face of the tournament, this initiative also aims at promoting grass-root talent.

The UCC will be an extension of the 77-year-old Rohinton Baria Tournament. All matches will be telecast live on a sports channel and NDTV will also do extensive programming around it. Get your tickets now on KyaZoonga!

Lead the line in style!

If you want to take your business to the next level, “Winning Leadership Strategies” is for you. Whether your organization’s goal is to build strong leadership skills, create self-empowered individuals, increase initiative in problem solving, or teach employees how to collaborate and communicate more effectively, this workshop will address your needs and create lasting change.

Winning Leadership Strategies is an intimate, leader-to-leader learning experience that’s designed for a select group of high-level leaders like you. The program gathers two of the world’s most celebrated leadership thought leaders, Robin Sharma and Verne Harnish, for the first time in one program.

We have specially selected a unique faculty of two iconic leadership thought leaders who have worked with most successful businesses on the planet. Both Robin and Verne will offer their personal insights on effectively confronting four key leadership challenges. Make the most of a unique environment in which you will learn how to tackle the most critical challenges facing senior business leaders today. Be there and learn from the best!

Fly high with the Fly Music Fest!

Get ready to Fly high with India’s biggest multi-genre concert featuring the biggest and most legendary names in the world of live music entertainment. With many International and Indian bands all set to perform in the massive gig, music lovers in Delhi and Bangalore are in for a treat!

Fly music festival will for the very first time bring to you the biggest & most legendary names in the world of live entertainment to be held in Delhi NCR & Bangalore on February 16th & 17th. The festival will comprise of multiple stages, multiple music genres & an overall experiential package bursting with a musical journey so eclectic that it is nothing less that historic in every sense of the word. Fly Music Festival will bring together top acts like Limp Bizkit, Anthrax, ,KT Tunstall, The Dhol Foundation, Deap Valley, Dub Pistols, The Cuban Brothers, Kitty Daisy & Lewis and many more such iconic talents from across the globe to join forces with Percept Live to give India for the very first time a dream line up, including Limp Bizkit, Deep Purple, Anthrax amongst many more! So grab your tickets today at!