Run like the wind!

The Mud Rush is definitely NOT your average running race! If you have a taste for adventure and don’t mind getting down and dirty, it’s definitely for you!

You can run, walk, skip or trot the marked trail and do the best to clear all the obstacles you will find along the way. With most other runs the memories fade away soon after you cross the finish line. No chance here……We promise you’ll be finding little reminders of your experience for at least a few days…………, every time you get into and out of your shower!

For all of you who’re looking for some excitement in life, it’s time to let loose and get dirty. The Mud Rush is an all-terrain, in-your-face marathon style mud run stretched across a 7 km circuit with 15 challenging obstacle thrown in your way. These comprise 30 feet stacks of hay, water bodies, 8 feet barrier walls, 100 feet stretches of tires, 45 degree hills, fire, ice, and of course a whole lot of mud! Packed with action and fun, this is a test of your endurance, stamina and goodwill to help you mudrushing comrades through.

And if you think that’s it, think again. Apart from the main run, you can be part of unique uniform and outfit competitions, a sizzling barbecue with your favourite beers, live music concerts and a really crazy after-party. You can even choose to be just a spectator and you’ll still have the time of your life. At the Mud Rush, we’ve got something for everybody.


• Drink fluids before and after the race
• Don’t wear goggles or sunglasses
• Contact lenses can be a pain when mud gets in your eyes
• Warm up your muscles before you begin the run
• Leave your BLING at home
• Wear your grungy clothes and old sneakers, because more than likely they won’t be going home
• Bring a bag for your DIRTY LAUNDRY
• Bring a few towels, Flip flops and a change of clothes
• Being able to shed down to your shorts, bikini, speedo or swimsuit versus your muddy gear will make the outdoor co-ed showers a much more enjoyable experience
• Make sure you cover your car seats, otherwise we can assure you that your car will get DIRTY

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