Register online for Delhi Quarterathon

Date:October 14, 2012

Run for your life, but in a good way! The Quarterathon is an exclusive road running marquee event, covering a 7 Mile distance. This distance is relatively shorter in comparison to other longer road running events as the aim is to democratize running and promote it among people from all walks of life. The Quarterathon will be held every quarter of the year in Delhi-NCR region to promote sustained health development.

Some of the highlights of the Quarterthon are as follows:

• Delhi Quarterathon is India’s first road running event with a stretch of 7 Miles and the only road running event to be held every quarter of the year.
• The Quarterathon would also serve as a prominent platform to raise funds and spread awareness about various pertinent social causes.
• This event also aims to promote running among corporate organisations and academic institutions.
• All participants will be provided with T-Shirts, certificates, Medals, running bibs, refreshments, training and nutrition advice etc., with winners bagging attractive prizes.

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