Green is the colour

Today is World Environment Day, and the focus is all on forests and trees and how to make the world a greener place. Here are some ways you can participate and help celebrate World Environment Day!

Plant a tree

Simply plant or replace a tree and you’ll be doing the environment a world of good. We must do what we can to replace or nurse trees when they get sick, when they die, or when they’re damaged. Every tree makes a difference; one of the great functions each tree offers, besides its aesthetic addition, is the sequestering of CO2 and carbon dioxide. By that we mean that during the process of photosynthesis trees take in Carbon Dioxide and release Oxygen, thus acting as a natural Carbon Sink that traps Carbon and prevents it from further polluting the atmosphere.

Visit a national park or reserve

Take a hike! Visit your nearby national and state parks and take in the natural view of it all. Economic development and widespread urbanisation can easily endanger our trees and we need to find more ways to progress economically while also protecting our trees. Supporting National parks and reserves is one way of doing this.

Read up!

You don’t need to go to a national park to learn more about trees. If your kids are young, you can check out library books about trees. That’s killing two birds with one stone; you get your kids to learn about the environment and you foster a healthy appetite for reading!

Take a walk!

Get to know the trees around you. Go take a walk whenever you can, eschewing cars and bikes. Let your kids figure out which tree is which. (Hint: you can figure it out by looking at their leaves.) If you wish to, financially support organizations that plant and protect trees. They’re doing a lot of good by planting trees.

So how will you celebrate World Environment Day? Let us know in the comments below!

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