A Musical Invasion

Get ready to rock to the incredible beats of Grammy Award-winning artist, producer and DJ David Guetta! The world’s number 1 DJ will be headlining the second edition of Eristoff Invasion in Delhi NCR , Pune and Bengaluru this March, so don’t miss out on the chance to watch him in action for the first time in India. David Guetta has delivered several chart-topping hits such as ‘When Love Takes Over’, ‘Gettin Over You’ and ‘Sexy Bitch’, and he’ll be belting out these hits and much more at Eristoff Invasion!

This music festival promises a sensational show and will feature the best international, high-energy, contemporary and cutting-edge acts to keep you entertained. Book your tickets for Eristoff Invasion 2012 at KyaZoonga.com and be prepared to be entertained like never before at one of the country’s top music festivals!

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