Don’t miss the chance to watch Padmashree Pankaj Udhas live!

Pankaj Udhas has been the voice behind many soulful ghazals that have charmed generations of listeners, and some of his more unforgettable hits include ‘Chitthi ayi hai’, ‘Ghungroo toot gaye’ and ‘Aur ahista kijiye baatein’. It has been three decades since Pankaj Udhas has held sway over scores of fans awed by his beautiful songs, and the maestro shows no signs of slowing down as the age of remixes (complete with Chikni Chamelis) reigns supreme. The intoxicating beauty of a Pankaj Udhas ghazal hasn’t diminished one bit…

Now, you too can have the chance to witness Pankaj Udhas live-in-concert! The maestro has delivered several successful albums, in the process garnering critical and commercial success, but he has even adapted to the demands of a new type of listener by churning out sublime Bollywood hits such as ‘Chitthi ayi hai’, ‘Jiye to jiye kaise’ and ‘Phir teri kahani yaad’ as well. Absolutely timeless, this is one artiste you do not want to miss no matter what. Come join the legend on his musical journey continues, with tickets to watch the Padamashree winner available exclusively on!

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