Building better teams, one sport at a time!

Sports is about more than just winning or being the best at whatever it is you do. More often than not, sports is of a team nature and at the end of the day you either sink together or swim together. After all, any chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Besides that one glaringly obvious point, corporate sports have another, often unstated effect; they help to bond people and build better teams. People do end up getting closer thanks to the sense of camaraderie that sports develops.

And so, we bring to you Sportslich 2012. Sportlich is a corporate indoor Olympics which includes fast paced sports like Box cricket, Rink football, Table tennis, Bowling, Pool, Carrom and Chess . A unique format that emphasizes the concepts of Team Work and Team Building in a Fun and Competitive environment. 8 or more Corporate teams shall battle over the weekend across all the sporting formats to determine who wins the coveted SPORTLICH Championship. So book your tickets for Sportslich 2012 and get ready to win, in and away from the competitive arena!

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