Thank God It’s Friday

Fridays are a wonderful time of the week for multiple reasons. There is, of course, the weekend coming up so everyone is gearing up for partying or just lazing around or just getting things done, and the day itself has such happy references in pop culture, such as the popular song “It’s Friday, I’m in Love” by The Cure. For cinephiles though, Friday also has added significance since there are always some movies or the other released!

There are some terrific movies releasing this Friday, and you can catch hold of some of these doubtlessly entertaining films at a theater near you, tickets for which are available on

Chaalis Chaurasi

Let’s give credit where credit is due; Chaalis Chaurasi has a terrific premise and a star cast which, while not eye popping, is sure to bring in the masses. The story of Chaalis Chaurasi centers on four men, namely Pankaj Suri (Naseeruddin Shah), Bobby (Atul Kulkarni), Pinto (Kay Kay Menon) and Shakti (Ravi Kissen) who are thieves posing as cops. The four of them hatch a plot that will see them rob a desolate place of a fake currency machine, a heist that will see them fetch Rs.20 crores. But life is what can happen to you when you’re busy making other plans; soon they encounter a real cop and he asks them to perform an encounter of Bisleri (Zakir Hussain) for ulterior reasons. Will these thieves go ahead and turn killers, or will they even succeed in their heist? The coming timing and acting chops of each of these four actors is beyond doubt, and you can rest assured that Chaalis Chaurasi will be well carried on their broad (acting) shoulders. Catch this film at a theater near you!

Arthur Christmas

It’s the night before Christmas, and there is always that one question lingering in every child’s mind prior to the whole process of gift-giving that follows, namely how are all those gifts delivered? The answer to that is fairly simple, if a bit high tech. Santa has a state of the art operations control center hidden beneath the North Pole, but even he would struggle to tackle the problem that Arthur faces. Stuck with a hilariously dysfunctional family, he needs to complete a certain mission before it is Christmas dawn. What’s worse, he’s Santa’s youngest child, which makes things that bit more complicated! Watch the madness unfold by booking your tickets only on!


Heartbreaker is exactly what the name suggests; the movie is all about the heartbreaking ways of a Casanova supreme. But to call Heartbreakers just that is doing it a disservice. Starring two of the best young French stars in Romain Duris and Vanessa Paradis, the film is endlessly charming without trying too hard. Alex (Duris) breaks hearts for a fee and can turn any husband, fiance or boyfriend into a chapter from anyone’s past. But Alex isn’t without his scruples; he will only break up a couple where the woman is unhappy. When Juliette becomes his latest target, thanks to her rich father, Alex has just ten days until the wedding to pull off his most daring seduction yet. And he has to do it while fending off ruthless personal creditors, angry exes, and the beautiful and independent Juliette. Let Heartbreakers pull your heart string, for this is a romantic comedy with a difference. Catch it at a theater near you, tickets are available at

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