Fiesta With Senorita 2011, Mallika Sherawat

Venue: Tulip Star Juhu, Mumbai.
Date: Dec 31, 2011
Day: Saturday
Time: 20:00 OnwardsCome this December 31st night at Tulip Star in Juhu with a 4 Way High Mega Watt Sound System, let her be your fantasy coming to life with someone who dared when no one else thought of. She possesses loads of Attitude and tones of Sexyness! She has been ruling your heart for years ever since she transformed the Bollywood industry! And to top that, YOU get to sway and dance with her! She is no one else but Mallika Sherawat herself in full flow! If this does not get your heart racing, get it checked!

Along with her will be the electrifying DJ Sheizwood! He holds the record for one of the most downloaded DJ’s on the internet, having produced over 75 albums in just 5 years! His music will set you on your way to one of the most happening nights in Mumbai! Joining him will be the King Pin of the Comedy Ring- Sunil Grover! Tremendously talented, he will get your ribs tickling without you knowing! You will know him from TV series like Dekh Video Dekh, Hans Baliye and as ‘Sud’ Sudarshan from the hilarious ‘Hassey Ke Phuarey’ on the Radio!

Still want more? A 7 star Hot and Sizzling ‘Spanish theme’ which this event is based around is a humdinger! Romantic yet Seductive at the same time, this theme will give you Spanish style food, drinks and dances! Be sure to come to be Dazzled! This one you won’t forget for years to come ! BOOK TICKETS FROM


  • Liquor pass
  • Food Pass
  • Parking Pass
  • Five Star sitting arrangement.
  • All the services will be provided to you by us (like Liquor, Food, Water, Starters etc.)
  • Your sitting arrangement will be near the stage
  • Veg & Non Veg Foods are available.

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