Venue: Azad Maidan, Opp. CST, Gate No. 1
Time: 06:30

Cars have become an integral part of our lives, but they can sometimes be as much of a curse as they are a blessing. Car Free Day 2011 exhorts motorists to not use their car for just a day. Instead, use modes of public transportation or mass transit instead, or even just walk. Cycling and car pooling are two options many of us don’t even consider and the whole idea behind this event is to help people become aware of just how much of a difference the absence of some cars can make. Scheduled for the 27th of November, 2011, citizens will witness a reduction in traffic on the given day thanks to the initiatives of those that have pledged to be car free. Additionally, a stretch of road will be completely shut off for motorized vehicles and this stretch will (for a period of 5 hours) be completely car free. Prepare to see a celebration of non-motorized travel with a Bike-a-thon & Walk-a-thon being organized on this stretch of road! All you need to do is pledge your support by registering for Car Free Day 2011 on Don’t hesitate, do it right now!

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