Quick fix for motorsport lovers

Formula 1, for those of you not in the know, is not SRK’s secret formula for converting everyone into Ra One (although a small part of it wishes it were). The most high profile and electrifying form of sport in the world, Formula 1 is high on octane, glamour and adrenaline, and not necessarily in that order! The who’s who of society descends upon F1 races, with the race itself being just one of the attractions for these high rollers. There is a certain aura of glitz attached to this sport that makes it so appealing to millions. With India all set to host its first ever Grand Prix this October, Indian motorsport lovers will get their chance to sample the thrill of this sport that revs the soul like nothing else.

Of course, you can always bank on KyaZoonga to deliver nothing less than the best for you. The 2011 Formula 1 championship might already have been decided (congratulations Sebastian Vettel!), but we have the best seats in the house just for you. The Formula 1 Paddock Club gives guests the chance to book the seats for the most privileged view in the house and the chance to meet some of the most famous names in the sport thanks to dedicated Pit Lane walkabouts. Formula 1 is one of the most enthralling sports in the world, and it is as much a spectacle as it is an opportunity to meet similarly high powered individuals as yourself. Don’t settle for anything less than the best; the Formula 1 Paddock Club is your ticket to an unforgettable Formula 1 experience, and the tickets for it are available right here on KyaZoonga.com.

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