The Ghazal King, Jagjit Singh, passes on.

Singer, composer, activist and entrepreneur; Jagjit Singh was a man of many qualities but more than anything else he was known as the Ghazal King. At a time when the musical landscape was dominated by Pakistani Ghazal singers, Jagjit Singh made a name for himself as a crooner with a golden voice.

Jagjit Singh, the king of Ghazals

Jagjit Singh’s silky baritone went on to become his trademark as he lent his voice to several of his own albums and films, and he was a visionary in his own way. His fusion of the traditional and modern could be seen in the way he used multi-track recording for his album ‘Beyond Time’. Jagjit Singh took Ghazals and not only elevated it to a wholly new level, he also made it accessible to the common man. In many ways, Jagjit Singh was responsible for taking the elitist edge off the art of singing Ghazals.

The melodious tunes of Jagjit Singh will ring in our ears long after the legend has passed on. May your voice echo through the ages, Mr. Singh, for it is a shining example of how virtuoso artists should perform. RIP Jagjit Singh; the luster of your golden voice will be hard for anyone else to replicate.

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