Popcorn at the ready…it’s preview time!

It’s Thursday, and we’re sure you’re as aware as we are what that means for movie lovers. With Friday looming, there are several major releases pending, perhaps none more so than Mere Brother ki Dulhan. Fresh off the back of the rip-roaring success of Delhi Belly, Imran Khan shares screen space with the perennially gorgeous Katrina Kaif in what promises to be a fun film that isn’t to be missed. It’s a Yashraj film, so you know what to expect; a bit of masala, some naach gaana, a twist in the tale and candyfloss sweet romance. What’s not to like about that? It’s the perfect mantra for a fun and of course filmi Friday!

If a candyfloss romance doesn’t suit your cinematic taste buds, fear not for we have a lot more bubbling under. There are films like Contagion, Warrior, Friends with Benefits and 30 Minutes or Less all lined up with availability coming up soon on the site. So which one of these films are you waiting for most? Let us know in the comments thread right below and enjoy your time with the silver screen. We hope you love your movies half as much as we do over here at KyaZoonga!

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