Food, glorious food

There is perhaps no purer love than the love for food, and gourmets or gourmands from everyone will surely want to mark the 24th of September on their calendars. Hyderabad plays host to the world’s largest food fest in the form of ‘Tastes of the World’ and there’s only one place to book your tickets. There’s no prizes for guessing which website that is, but here’s a hint; it’s KyaZoonga! Now if you’re not a lover of great food, you might be wondering why you want to attend a food festival. Simply put, the food is merely the cherry on top. ‘Tastes of the World’ is a premier event that will be graced by eminent personalities such as Gordon Ramsay and by way of an appetizer guests will be treated to a fashion show organized by NIFT. The music and drinks will never stop coming and it promises to be once in a lifetime experience. And we’re not just saying that either; this is going to go down as a Guinness World record event, and that’s a fact. In fact, that one statement alone should give you some food for thought!

Wait, why are you still reading this for? Go ahead and book your tickets for ‘Tastes of the World’ only on KyaZoonga!

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