Mausam is a bit of a damp squib

Mausam has aspirations of being epic, make no mistake about it. It does begin with a bang, but in an effort to make something so seriously overwhelming that you cannot help but be awed, it ends up being anything but serious in bits and pieces. Mausam veers dangerously towards the self indulgent as it hurtles towards its conclusion, and then it just stays stuck there.

Picture this; as the stiff upper lipped Air Force officer, Harry (Shahid Kapoor) sits not too far from the woman of his dreams, Aayat (Sonam Kapoor) with a face that is stony and expressionless. Then, bafflingly, he lets out an utterance that is totally out of character with Harry’s persona; the simple “yeah baby” that is meant to be cool, badass and memorable all at once. Now if Tom Cruise’s character mouthed those words, it wouldn’t be out of place at all because as a maverick, Cruise’s character would have fit it like a glove. Shahid’s character is no maverick, rest assured.

Any good film must be able to push the envelope in some way, and in that regard Mausam goes a long, long way. The problem is that first time director Pankaj Kapur doesn’t know when to draw the line. The movie begins with real verve, drawing you in and promising good times ahead. Unfortunately, Mausam begins with a bang but then starts to fizzle out towards the end. That’s a shame because the story holds so much promise and the cast too was well selected. Shahid and Sonam Kapoor are just perfect for the film with their fluid grace and vibrancy.

Set in Punjab, the story follows a mildly predictable arc. Harry will only ever fall for someone truly special, and Aayat is that someone. Harry and Aayat both have skeletons in their closet and so when Aayat leaves the village hurriedly, it seems that their blossoming romance is cut short. But they meet one another seven years later, and the feel of the story is taut and exciting. What lets it down are the subplots, which drag down Mausam and put a dampener on any aspirations Pankaj Kapur might have had of a blockbuster on his debut. Mausam is by no means a bad film, but it most certainly isn’t the film it could have been, which is a shame.

Music to our ears

It’s been quite the morning for us down here at KyaZoonga. If you love music, you’re going to absolutely love this next bit of news we’ve got for you. You might have heard of this musician called A.R. Rahman. Some say he’s quite good, we think he isn’t. That’s because we reckon he’s a bit of a genius at what he does, and we love him for that. But what is love when it is just one-way traffic? Ladies and gentlemen, it’s somewhat official; A.R. Rahman does indeed somewhat love us, which makes us a bit weak in the knees. What’s the proof of this, you ask? Excellent question. If you were to head over to A.R. Rahman’s Facebook page, you’ll notice that the topmost post on his page links back to…that’s right, you guessed it, us. And that’s because we’re selling Superheavy, his latest album that’s an absolute belter, if we do say so ourselves. Ah, love…such a warm, fuzzy feeling.

Superheavy, for those of you that have been blissfully unaware, is a rock supergroup. Think of it as a collection of greatest hits of music, only difference being that this is an entirely original album composed by some serious heavyweights of the music world (ergo the name). How heavy? Think Mick Jagger, Joss Stone, A.R. Rahman, Damian Marley and Dave Stewart heavy. That’s some serious firepower right there, and no one can say otherwise! We can go on and on talking about what we believe is the hardest hitting album we’ve heard in ages (and we’ve heard a few, trust us on that), but the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Go on then, get yourself a copy of Superheavy, exclusively on KyaZoonga! You know you want to…

Rivaaz: Traditional fare without much spice

Rivaaz features a story that has tremendous potential, and it is the star cast of this film that really ends up catching the eye. With a constellation of stars including Deepti Naval, Vijay Raaz, Upendra Limaye, Yashpal Sharma, Rajendra Gupta, Sayaji Shinde and Alok Nath, you would duly expect this film to deliver on its initial promise. So, to sum up; the story is promising and fresh and the star cast is an excellent one to boot. What could possibly go wrong?

Remarkably enough, some of the acting is. The motley crew that make this film what it is fail to portray their characters faithfully. The film takes a stark look at the act of selling women into prostitution, and it is a shame to see such lackluster performances from so gifted an assembly of stars. For instance, the story of one family centers on a father [Rajendra Gupta], mother [Deepti Naval] and their daughter Bela [Ritisha Vijayvargiya]. Ritisha makes the grave mistake of falling in love with Rahul [Manoj Biddvai] and ends up incurring the wrath of not just her father, but that of the entire village. The reason for this is that the entire village actively encourages prostitution.

Now this alone forms the backbone of a premise that is traumatic enough by itself. But how do you expect such trauma to be felt by the audience when the actors cannot portray that pain accurately enough? The jinxed lovers fail to strike an emotional chord but even in the midst of the equanimity that the film portrays, Deepti Naval, Alok Nath and Vijay Raaz breathe some life into their respective roles. There is, of course, the obligatory twist in the tale that sees the women throw off the shackles of subjugation that they have been subjected to for centuries, but it is perhaps too little too late. Rivaaz is a run of the mill story that could have been so much more.

Popcorn at the ready…it’s preview time!

It’s Thursday, and we’re sure you’re as aware as we are what that means for movie lovers. With Friday looming, there are several major releases pending, perhaps none more so than Mere Brother ki Dulhan. Fresh off the back of the rip-roaring success of Delhi Belly, Imran Khan shares screen space with the perennially gorgeous Katrina Kaif in what promises to be a fun film that isn’t to be missed. It’s a Yashraj film, so you know what to expect; a bit of masala, some naach gaana, a twist in the tale and candyfloss sweet romance. What’s not to like about that? It’s the perfect mantra for a fun and of course filmi Friday!

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Come rain or shine, Esselworld’s always fine

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A Thrill-A-Minute ride

Some people get a real buzz out of risking life and limb, but there is a certain amazement that can be experienced from witnessing freestyle motocross performers defy the laws of physics and gravity itself as they put their bodies on the line. Indeed, the first thought that would cross most of our minds is awe followed by contemplation of just how scary it is to undertake such feats. And that’s what makes these daredevils all the more incredible! previously such acts of heroism were limited plainly to the television, but you can now experience these stunts at an arena very close to you!

Get ready to experience the adrenaline rush of viewing some of the world’s top freestyle motocross riders in action! Freestyle Moto XXX is an extravaganza of extreme sports, stunts that showcase the skills of these elite riders like nothing you’ve ever seen before. This is extreme entertainment at its purest and you are guaranteed to be on the edge of your seat asking yourself, “Did he really just do that?” With frenetic action, fireworks and music centered on the 15 foot long dirt ramp, Freestyle Moto XXX is a cocktail of action and excitement that will delight you in every way!

With no format to stick to and the only limitation being how far a rider is willing to go to please his audience, the 2 hour 30 minutes duration of this show promises to be a thrill a minute ride! You can buy your tickets online exclusively on, and the show itself is slated for the 26th of November, so be there or be square, as they say.

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Food, glorious food

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Mere Brother Ki Dulhan: Sporadically brilliant

Indians have this obsession with shaadi’s and people that want to get married. Remember the hullabaloo surrounding Rakhi’s swayamwar? This is perhaps a trademark of Yashraj Films, and while the venerable studio continues to make very entertaining cinema, the references to Yashraj films gone by is starting to wear a bit thin. Marriages and candy floss romance never go out of fashion, but Mere Brother Ki Dulhan is watchable purely because of the crackling chemistry of the lead protagonists. The story is as predictable as they come, and the actors (Katrina Kaif, Imran Khan and Ali Zafar) are what make this movie work, lending their youth and vibrancy to the movie in generous dollops. If you believed that Imran Khan and Katrina Kaif would work as a pair, you were right. But they’ve worked together despite the limitations of the story and not because of it.

In the simplest of terms, allow us to broadly break down the movie’s story for you. Luv Agnihotri (Ali Zafar) asks his brother Kush (Imran Khan) to find him a bride, and what follows is a love triangle with Dimple Dixit (Katrina Kaif) the third spoke of this triangle. What follows is the usual filmy love story followed by the will he, won’t he questions that a;ll of us have come to know so well. The premise, it has to be said, has plenty of potential for laughs and the movie follows a fairly brisk tempo in the opening half hour before it starts to trail off a bit and rely purely on the crackling chemistry of its beautiful protagonists. The characters are appealing and the ride is a bit fun, but it runs out of imagination somewhere along the way.

Credit where credit’s due, the casting of this movie is spot on right down to the last actor and some of the dialogue writing really makes you crack a smile despite any misgivings you might have about the film. The film does a great deal to capture the flavor of Northern India, and the hero’s buddies quipping about Katrina (“Bhabhi badi frank hai”) makes you wish there was more story to go around, for the dialogue writers have captured the mood and persona of the characters perfectly. Romantic comedies thrive on the idiosyncrasies of its characters, and Katrina’s laid-back bindaas character is the focal point of the film without a doubt. Of course, she has moments of faux coolness (“woohoo…hey guys!”) but in all Katrina carries her role off as well as she could. Ali Zafar holds his own while poor Imran looks mightily confused at all times.

Mere Brother Ki Dulhan picks up the pace again towards the end, but this is a film you must walk into without any real expectations of instant greatness or gratification. It entertains in its own way, but the story had so much potential that went unused and so it must be said that this is merely a one-time watch that many will remember primarily because they love Katrina Kaif or Imran Khan. And frankly, how can you not like either of them? They’re young, likable and very vivacious, and that’s what makes this film work at the end of the day.