Flying Fox – Zip Tour

Flying Fox Neemrana – Buy Tickets

Neemrana Fort-Palace Village Neemrana, District Alwar 301 705 Rajasthan

Flying Fox Neemrana is an Indian zipwire, dubbed India’s first Zip Tour. The Zip Tour is located at Neemrana Fort Palace, in the village of Neemrana, India 122 km south-west of New Delhi. The Zip Tour is situated on an outcrop of the Aravali hill range. There are five lines at the location, navigated in a 2-3 hour tour. Book your tickets right away.

Flying Flox Jodhpur – Buy Tickets

Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur, Rajasthan

Flying Fox is there to provide zip line tours of the Chokelao Garden and Rao Jodha Park sections of Mehrangarh. The ‘zip tour’, a guided tour of the Fort with spectacular views of its western flank as well as of Brahmpuri – the bluest part of the Blue City – is an unique, exhilarating and safe way to learn about the culture and history of Jodhpur and Mehrangarh. The Rao Jodhpa Park is an area of special environmental interest, having been recently replanted with purely indigenous Marwari species and being home to magnificent fauna such as monitor lizards and Eurasian eagle owls. Book your tickets right away.

Flying Fox is operating India’s first zipline tours at Neemrana Fort-Palace, mid-way between Delhi and Jaipur, and Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur. Book tickets only on


Get ready to experience the adrenaline rush of viewing some of the world’s top freestyle motocross riders at an arena near you! Riders from far-off nations will do what they do best and perform some incredible stunts and phenomenal air-tricks that are sure to leave you asking for more. Defying gravity, death, and the laws of physics itself, Freestyle Moto XXX is an extreme sports show like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Freestyle Moto XXX is an extreme entertainment event that will leave you on the edge of your seat asking yourself, “Did he really just do that?” With frenetic action, fireworks and music centered on the 15 foot long dirt ramp, Freestyle Moto XXX is a cocktail of action and excitement that will delight you in every way!

Freestyle Moto XXX is completely fan oriented and you are sure to get more than your money’s worth. Every motocross rider will tackle jumps with complete freedom and perform tricks such as back flips, superman seat grab rulers, kiss of death, turn downs & more death-defying stunts that will leave one and all in awe. With no format to stick to and the only limitation being how far a rider is willing to go to please his audience, the 2 hour 30 minutes duration of this show promises to be a thrill a minute ride! The skills and willingness of the riders to get down and dirty will thrill spectators of all ages and this makes it the ideal entertainment event that sets the bar for live entertainment higher than ever before. Extreme sports fans should get ready to be entertained by a spectacle previously confined only to your television sets, and you can buy tickets online only on!

Artist taking part

• Mitch Mchardy
• Trent Garton
• Callum Shaw
• Mitchel
• Brett
• Liston Borrie

The Gods Of Fusion: Indian Ocean Live-In-Concert

The contemporary fusion band which created huge waves in early 1990s on the Indian scene is back yet again this season. Yes! you have guessed it right. It’s Indian Ocean.
Comprising of Susmit Sen (Guitar, Vocals), Asheem Chakravarty (Tabla, Tarang, Vocals), Rahul Ram (Bass Guitar, Vocals) & Amit Kilam (Drums, Percussion, Gabgubi), the band is best classified under the Fusion category. With a remarkable musical journey, the band has carved a niche for itself & of course a long line of followers. With songs like Kandisa and Ma Rewa, the band is a legend.

Indian Ocean is all geared up to perform live in concert at Water Kingdom on 20th August. The concert tickets are available for all categories.

Jump the Q for this once-in-a-lifetime concert by booking your Indian Ocean tickets only on KyaZoonga!