Women’s cricket

Cricket. It’s a sport that needs no introduction. Iconic stadiums packed with passionate fans cheering for their favourite team… the entire atmosphere is filled with energy.

When we said “favourite team”, you most definitely pictured men. That’s just how the sports sector is and has been for a long time. But it is about to change. It’s not only about the guys, women are here too. In fact, have always been; they just never got the recognition they deserve.

Women and sports, especially cricket, go a long way back. The early years of women’s cricket can be traced back all the way to 26 July 1745 in England, which was when the first recorded match was played. In 1887, the first women’s cricket club was formed at Nun Appleton in Yorkshire, named the White Heather Club. After a successful start, the game started spreading to Australia. Lily Poulett-Harris was the path breaker for women’s cricket in Australia as she founded and captained the first women’s cricket team there. Steadily, the sport was becoming well-established and started going beyond Australian borders.

Apart from England and Australia, cricket was now being played regularly in countries such as New Zealand, West Indies, South Africa. In 1958, the International Women’s Cricket Council was established to coordinate women’s cricket. Today, a variety of competitions are held in women’s cricket; from ODIs and Tests to the World Cup. The first Women’s World Cup was held in England in 1973, with the latest being in 2017. Other than that, ODIs are regularly taking place, along with Test matches. Currently, Australia Women’s Tour of Caribbean 2019 is going on where the Australia Women will be taking on West Indies Women.

Women’s cricket is taking the world by storm. From its small beginnings in the 17-18th century to international tournaments in which various countries are actively participating in, women’s cricket has come a long way from where it had started. Except now, there’s only thing left to do.

We need to stop calling it ‘women’s cricket’.

We, as a society, should stop referring to anything that women do as ‘women’s’ this or ‘women’s’ that. Women aren’t playing a sport just because of their gender. They’re doing it because they want to. Cricket, or any other sport for that matter, is played for the game. It’s played for the passion and the love. It’s played for that feeling of utter euphoria you know so well.

Women have always been neglected in sports and there are still a lot of things to overcome such as gender bias, unequal pay, less opportunities etc. Although we’ve come far, the disparity still exists and it is our duty to ensure that starting today, all disparity, discrimination and bias is removed, not only from the sports industry but from society as a whole.

Royal Melbourne Show

Come September and you will see everyone walking hand in glove (literally) and sipping their pumpkin spice lattes but if you’re like us (don’t get us wrong, we love our lattes) you are most likely just counting down the days to one of the most awaited events in Australia, yes, The Royal Melbourne Show.

The Royal Melbourne Show was started in 1848 by the Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria. It is held annually; it starts from mid-September and goes on till early October. This year, it is being held from the 21st of September to the 1st of October. With tons and tons of attractions, there is no doubt that around half a million people are attracted to the Royal Melbourne Showgrounds (in the Ascot Vale suburb of Victoria, AUS), where it is held. Plus this year, they have changed things up and made the entire show even better (if that is even possible as it is already so good).

The modus operandi of the show is to put on display the rural industry and also organize competitions related to it. And by that we mean competitions such as the Alpaca Youth Parader’s Competition where participants lead alpacas through an obstacle course (yes). They have lots of animals; dogs, sheep, horses, goats etc. on the Showgrounds and yes, you can pet them. Or feed them.

(or run them through an obstacle course)

Animals are obviously one of the favourites of the event but there’s way more. Australia’s tradition has this concept of ‘showbags’; which are bags containing official merchandise of different enterprises such music, movies, sports, toys etc. With hundreds of showbags available at the venue, they are a major crowd-puller. Major, but not the only one. The RMS has a lot of said crowd-pullers. The rides are an iconic part of the event. With more than 60 rides for people of all ages, you are in for the ride of your life. Other than rides they have got a great deal of attractions. Live music, art & craft, magic shows, motocross stunt shows…the list is incalculable!

The Royal Melbourne Show stays true to its name. Royal. With so much of exuberance in the air, the Melbourne Showgrounds totally come to life during this time. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Believe us, it totally is and you, dear reader, can join in the fun too. Simply log on to Zoonga.com, book your tickets to The Royal Melbourne Show 2019 and have your #BigTicketExperience!

WI are ready. Again. Cricket tickets to England’s Tour of the West Indies.

England Tour of West Indies cricket tickets

West Indies and cricket – a connection so deep that it borders on the spiritual. The West Indies were the fourth nation to be given test status in 1928. Cricket in the West Indies really started taking off after the Second World War with their first away victory against England being a 3-1 win in the 1950 tour. The West Indies continued to have only sporadic successes as long as they were a white-dominated team. But all this changed in the 1960s once the team became a black dominated team when they started to become the force that would rule the world of cricket for nearly three decades. Cricket may have been invented and propagated by the English but it was propelled to another level by the power and beauty of the West Indies brand of cricket.

The West Indies teams of the 60s, 70s and 80s reads like a list of giants of the game. Boasting of stalwarts like Sir Frank Worrell, Sir Clyde Walcott, Sir Everton Weekes, Sir Garfield SobersLance Gibbs, to Brian Lara through Sir Viv Richards, Clive Lloyd, Rohan Kanhai, Michael Holding, Malcolm Marshal, Courtney Walsh and many, many more, the West Indies teams of the 1960s, 1970s and 80s were a force unlike anything ever seen before in the sport of cricket. They not only dominated, but decimated their opponents, whichever team it may have been, both home and away. Teams visited the West Indies with trepidation and welcomed them with fear. Their only objective while playing against them was to not get humiliated.

The present team may not have quite touched the same dizzying levels as those in the past but then no other team in the world has been able to reach those heights, so that’s not an issue really. But they have had their share of successes – they have been T20 World Cup winners twice and Champions Trophy winners. This success in the shorter format of the game plus the fact that a lot of the West Indian superstars like Kieron Pollard, Chris Gayle and Dwayne Bravo play in T20 leagues across the world has helped to given a fresh impetus to the game in the Caribbean. And the West Indies team has now started a fresh push to regain its former glory with the visiting England cricket team being the latest challenge.

The series promises to be a fascinating duel between a young and hungry West Indies team and an England team that has recently emerged victorious at home against the world’s no 1 cricket team. This is the big ticket cricket series in the world right now and Zoonga is the only place for the tickets to all the action on the pitch.

A series not to be missed. Will the West Indies rise up to the challenge and defeat England? The signs are promising. Reserve your spot to watch, from the ringside, the revival of one of cricket’s true powers!

The #BigTicketNext Final!

Who will win South Asia’s ONLY ATP event? That’s the question that is on everyone’s mind as we close in on the final match of the Tata Open Maharashtra 2019. In just a few hours from now the Centre Court at Pune’s Balewadi stadium will come alive with some electrifying tennis and the amazing energy of the fans.

Facing off in this major event are two stalwarts of the game – Kevin Anderson and Ivo Karlovic.

2018 was a fantastic, career-best year for world no. 6 Kevin Anderson. He took to social media a few days ago to share his preparations for the forthcoming season. And he looks in great nick. The road to 2019 for Anderson will certainly be paved by the successes he carries forward from the year that went by. And what a year it was for him – He began his year at the Tata Open Maharashtra tournament in January 2018 by making it to the finals. He fell last year to Gilles Simon (will today be different? For the sake of Anderson and his legion of fans, we certainly hope so!) It was his third tournament of the year that saw him muscle his way back into World Top Ten, when he won the inaugural New York Open. He reached the finals in the next tournament that he played, but fell to del Potro. He reached the quarters of the first two Masters of the year, the fourth round at the French Open. And then he made history. He pulled off the upset of the year when he defeated the iconic Roger Federer in an epic quarter final. He reached the finals at Wimbledon, where he fell to Djokovic. He became the first South African since Kevin Curren in 1985 to reach the finals at Wimbledon. And today, he looks to start his 2019 season with a win in the same place where his dream run began last year!

On the other end there will be the meteoric Ivo Karlovic. The gentle giant that Karlovic is, he continues to defy age and remain a formidable opponent. His serve, as we all remember, is the stuff of legend. With his height he is able to use that serve like a weapon. It is no surprise then that the Croatian former World No. 14 holds the record for highest number of aces served (13,024)! One of the tallest professional tennis players in history, Karlovic is a terrifying sight to behold as he prepares to serve what most certainly will come at you with the speed of a bullet. There are ways to beat Karlovic, of course. But if he gets into his unmatched serve and volley rhythm, there is no saying what he can pull off. It has been a great tournament so far for Karlovic – he defeated teenager Felix Auger-Aliassime in the first round in what was again a record; the age gap between the two of them, the oldest and the youngest players in the tournament was 21 years and six months, the largest on the ATP tour since 1976! As Karlovic prepares to take on the much, much younger Anderson today, he has a whole lot of popular support going his way too – after all, he is the oldest finalist on the ATP tour since 43 year old Ken Rosewall won the 1977 Hong Kong Championship.

Clearly, there’s so much excitement waiting to happen at the Centre Court at Balewadi today. And from the packed seats we can tell you, it is indeed #AdvantagePune!

One Republic Live in Mumbai!

Guys, guys! Here’s one of those open Secrets. OneRepublic is coming to India! You read that right, the Grammy nominated pop rock band from Colorado is set to perform in Mumbai on the 21st of April 2018 as a part of a two week Asia tour.

TL, DR: you’re getting What You Wanted!

Wondering what to expect at the concert? Let us tell you…

You will Stop and Stare

Because that’s how good Ryan Tedder, Zach Filkins, Drew Brown & Co are! From Tedder’s signature falsettos, lead guitarist Filkins’s guitar stylings, to the band’s high octave, energetic performances, OneRepublic live is truly an experience to remember. It also doesn’t hurt that these boys from Denver are really easy on the eyes!

Be a part of the good, Good Life

Frontman Tedder, called ‘The Undercover King of Pop’ by Billboard, has impressive songwriting and production credentials to his name – he has worked with the likes of U2, Adele, Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift, Beyonce and more. The band has also collaborated and toured with other international artists like Bon Jovi, Pink, Maroon 5 and Leona Lewis, and they frequently perform some of these big hits on tour!

You’ll be Counting Stars

Along with the number of their hits! For the past decade, OneRepublic has been churning out earworm after earworm: they have a Grammy nomination, a #1 song, 4 songs on the Top 10, and more than 10 songs on the Billboard charts!

And now you have the chance to hear them live!

If I Lose Myself?

“What then?” you ask. Well, believe us, you WILL. And you’ll love every moment of it. Because how can you not when you watch performers like OneRepublic?

With their constantly evolving and changing sound, OneRepublic blends together many styles of music, from rock, indie, alternative, to pop and electronic to create their diverse track lists. And it works – they’ve delivered more and more crowd favorites with each of their four studio albums – all of which have been breakout successes.

Watch them Light It Up

OneRepublic has the unique ability to recreate an almost studio level of quality at their live performances. With their heartfelt ballads, electrifying chart-toppers and stripped-down acoustic covers, the band gives their everything to every performance.

And you can bet they’re bringing that energy to their debut performance in India! In a statement, the band said, “We’ve wanted to visit India for years, and are beyond excited to finally get the chance to not only perform a full concert but also explore your beautiful country. See you soon!”

So, fellow music lover, when you watch OneRepublic at the MMRDA Grounds just a month from now, you will definitely Feel Again and then say, “I Lived!”

Hurry, make All The Right Moves and book your tickets on kyazoonga.com/onerepublic NOW because there’s going to be No Vacancy soon!

#BigTicketNext Vijender Singh

He’s an Indian and he punches people for a living. At this point, dear reader, several names have flashed through your mind. But no, stop that train of thought. He is not a Bollywood actor, and neither is he a stuntman.

What he does… well it requires far more guts. And often quite a few spare teeth. He’s big, but the good kind of big, and as nimble as a deer. Tough as a tank and hits like a brick wall flying at Mach 2. Yes, ladies and gentleman, he is in fact, a boxer. Not just any boxer. He is India’s one and only Vijender Singh.

In his pro career,  he has fought 9 professionals bouts and have lost 0. That is a 100% win ratio. Prior to that, he has won 5b, 3 silver’s and 2 gold medals in various international competitions and is a force to be reckoned with. Not only that, but look up his fights on YouTube, and you will see that he is terribly fun to watch.

Boxing is an art. Unlike most art forms, this one does include massive bodily harm. But by god, the better the artist, the more fun it is to see. You wouldn’t pay a museum to see a drawing made by a 5 year old. You pay a museum to see the Mona Lisa. Vijender Singh is Leonardo and his fights are his Mona Lisa. Like the awesome Roger Federer, Vijender Singh dances around his opponent. Quick on his feet. It’s like the best ballet you will ever see.

So I guess what I’m trying to say here is, boxing is far more for you than it is for the boxers themselves. Sure, the glory is theirs, but the real winner is YOU. Sitting near the ringside and cheering your man on. And when “your man” is Vijender Singh, the feeling you get when he wins, well… how can you not call yourself the winner?

So do yourself a favour, switch off your TV and go watch him play on the 23rd of December in Jaipur. Don’t just watch, be there in flesh and blood and not pixels and satellite signals.

Book tickets to catch Vijender Singh in action on 23rd December at Sawai Manshing Indoor Stadium, Jaipur today!

10 Reasons why Kidzania is an ideal monsoon getaway for your kids!

Summer has ended and the cloudy skies have started pouring like a tap without a knob! It’s more than just possible that your kids are not willing to go out of the house and are usually engaged with their favorite TV shows, games, social media websites and even with their mobile phones. You’re tired of telling them otherwise, and they might be tired of hearing and never listening.

But, we know that you understand the importance of your child’s mental and physical growth. You can’t just let them sit in front of the TV, or their tab or their laptop and other plethora of items in their arsenal of electronics. So, the question still remains, what can you do?

Well, dear parent, the answer is simple. The answer is Kidzania. And why is Kidzania the answer, let us tell you in detail…


Kidzania is not simply an amusement park. It is a simulation of everything. It simulates over 100 activities and jobs in the private sector, service sector, and a place where your kid can be anything from a pilot to an electrical engineer at an energy conservation hub

Kidzania is a separate nation where kids rule! Under adult’s supervision of course.


Kidzania is a unique place that continues, ever since it was founded in Santa Fe, USA, to merge education with entertainment and teach your children real life skills.


Now, you must be thinking, but what about their safety? Well don’t worry, dear parent! We’ve got you covered there, with GPS-chip enabled bracelets, to CCTV footage covering each inch of Kidzania, we can safely say, your kid is safe with us!

Each activity has been specially developed by educators in the respective fields to create an activity where your kids will learn the most that they can!


“Children can only aspire to what they know exists” – it is the aim of KidZania to broaden these horizons so that children can explore, aspire and begin to write their own narrative of the possible.


Only a day at Kidzania, and your kids will value money more than they already do. Why? Well, dear parent, that is because Kidzania has a functioning economy, which is centered on working, earning kidZos and having fun!


Kids are most receptive when they are having fun. Play is a child’s way of engaging and making sense of the world. KidZania has taken the timeless and universal form of play – roleplaying and built a functioning city around it.


Kidzania promotes change, inspires leadership and inspires global citizenship in our future generation.


Last, but not the least, dear parent, Kidzania, is #BigTicketNext.So here’s where your kids should be. Be #BigTicketNext, buy them tickets to KidZania.

Turning Turtle


One hundred and seventy five million years ago, a weird creature that did not belong with the dinosaurs crawled onto the sandy shore of a land now lost. And for those 175 million years, these creatures that crawled onto the beaches have stayed. They’ve gone all around the world.

With their hard backs and soft insides, they seem to be unstoppable having survived the meteor that killed the dinosaurs, and the ice age which killed the mammoths.

But, as it would seem, the luck of the turtles has run out.

Yes, they survived the meteor and the ice age, but they appear to be falling now. It appears they cannot survive in the time of Man.

In 2011 the Tortoise and Freshwater Turtle Specialist Group published a report with the 25 species of turtles about to go extinct and the 40 most likely to go extinct, 65 species out of a known 300.

In the words of the biologist George Amato, “the amount and the volume of captured turtles… (has) vacuumed up entire species from areas in Southeast Asia.” It is calculated that about 90% of the turtles living in Asia are threatened.

They are a species that have lived through everything. How sad would it be if those they share the planet with are those who end up killing them.

“A friend in need is a friend in deed,” I believe we got this saying from an old turtle based story. Ironic isn’t it.

So be the friend that the turtles like the Loggerhead turtle, the Ridley turtle and the Flatback turtle need.

Donate to the charity of your choice, the world, the turtles need it. And yes, you’ll be thinking who cares about a few dead turtles. But we should care. Because it would be a shame to see their face next to the face of a dodo in a book in the chapter titled “Extinct Animals.”

And the best way to start helping them is to get to know them a little.

So pop on down to Australia, where some of the more endangered species and some of the more common species are protected in aquariums throughout the country.

Why? Because you are their #BigTicketNext to survival!

And, just because we care, and we think it’s cool, here’s our list of the best looking turtles from around the world:

  1. Loggerhead Sea Turtle – this turtle is found throughout the world.
  2. Spotted Turtle – Also known as Clemmy’s Guttata and is found in Canada and the USA
  3. The Sea Turtle – Found in all seas and oceans except the Polar regions.
  4. The Leatherback Sea Turtle – Found all over the world.
  5. Olive Ridley Sea Turtle – A resident of warm water and tropical islands it’s found mostly in the Indian and Pacific oceans.
  6. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

World Turtle Day is May 23rd. Spend it with the turtles this year!

Get tickets to the Sea Life Aquariums in Melbourne, Sydney, Manly and Mooloolaba at zoonga.com.au!